O, Lo Siento radio host Eddie Rivas invited MALABOMBA! DJ and co-producer Jason Savvy to share some awesome tunes and illuminating stories on his bi-monthly show. 

Hear another side of the BOMBA with a playlist featuring tracks that would become dancefloor and mixtape jams, as well as music that is simply great listening. Savvy also shares some stories behind the songs you hear, as well as how this wonderful madness got started.

Originally broadcast on Radio Sombra, April 27, 2014.

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - "Zivot Cigana" (Serbia)
Los Shain's - "Guau Guau A Go-Go" (Peru)
La Yegros - "Trocitos de Madera" (Argentina)
Derdiyoklar - "Yaz Gazeteci" (Turkey/Germany)
Omar Souleyman - "Warni Warni" (Syria)
Koza Mostra - "Kai Lege Lege" (Greece)
Afenginn - "Iguana Segregatis" (Denmark)
Mexican Dubweiser - "Trouble in My Soul" (Mexico)
Gnawa Diffusion - Ya Malika (Algeria)
Dorian Wood -  La Cara Infinita (USA)
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Bati (live) (Switzerland)
Hekuran Xhamballi - Phirava Daje (Albania)
Banda Yatzachi el Bajo - unknown track (Mexico)
The Master Musicians of Jajouka - Boujeloudia Magick(featuring Lee Ranaldo)

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