Released in a very limited quantity in April 2010, this download is a 70-minute mix tape by DJ Cat Hair & DJ Jason Savvy celebrating the 11-month anniversary of MALABOMBA! Each DJ contributed and mixed his 11 favorite tracks from the year prior. Tracks were chosen and arranged to reflect what a night at MALABOMBA! often sounds like: at first a seductive, quiet lounge... until the revelers arrive, transforming the space into the one of the wildest dance parties this side of anywhere. This mix was pressed DIY in 100% hand-assembled sleeves and limited to 121 numbered copies, given out freely to club guests until they were all gone. This download includes all 22 songs as heard on the hard copy, presented as a single-track continuous mix. It includes songs both quite familiar and songs that were until now, vinyl-only obscurities. Free for friends and fans to download, link to, and stream online!

Side One
Compiled and mixed April 2010 by DJ Cat Hair

1. Stela Clopotel - “Hora de la Obedeni” - Romania
2. Branimir Dokic - “Ratkovo Kolo” - Serbia
3. Silüetler - “Kasik Havasi” - Turkey
4. P. Ramlee - “Sabaruddin Tukang Kasut” - Malaysia
5. Aris San - “Atsingana” - Greece/Israel
6. Yara Family - “Go-Go Chinbora” - Japan
7. Alèmayèhu Eshèté - “Leb Tatèfalètch” - Ethiopia
8. Adiss Harmandian - “Nouné” - Armenia/USA
9. Brita Koivunen - “Rautalankatango” - Finland
10. Saowali Woranute - “Hai Ha” - Thailand
11. Dariush - “Gozashtehaye Dour” - Iran

Side Two
Compiled and mixed April 2010 by DJ Jason Savvy

1. Max Pashm - "Imnul (Kish Mayn Tokhes)" - UK
2. Hijo de Cumbia - "Cumbia de los Barrios" - Argentina
3. Ila Arun & Alka Yagnik - "Choli Ke Peeche" - India
4. Selda - "Yax Gazeteci Yaz" - Turkey
5. Groupe El Azhar - "Mazal Nesker Mazal” - Algeria
6. Besh o droM - "Pusztító" - Hungary
7. Goran Bregovic - "Jeremijah" - Serbia
8. DeVotchKa - "Devotchka!" - USA
9. Golem - "Charlatan-ka" - USA
10. Gogol Bordello - "Wonderlust King" - USA
11. Bratsch - "Au Bar Est Barré Papa (Opa Cupa)" - France

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